Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Club Balai Isabel

Aren't those pictures lovely?  Not how I took them I mean, just the scenes.  I took them in Club Balai Isabel.  This resort can be found in Talisay, Batangas.  So if you're looking for a family getaway or somewhere to hang out with friends, Club Balai is perfect!  When we entered the resort, the staff immediately transferred us to their own "shuttle" to tour us around and bring us to our reserved room.

The rooms are airconditioned, they have hot water for the shower, the tv has a cable connection, and even though the room said it fits 6, it surely can fit a lot more!  They even offered us wifi, but my parents said we won't enjoy our stay if we will still dwell on the internet and they were right!  But don't be too fooled, because the whole place is even lovelier than the rooms.  It is big and there are courts for basketball and other sports.  There is also a spa, which we haven't been able to try so I can't comment about it.

I remember the resort having three pools, I hope I'm right!  There's one infinity pool where we basically stayed the whole time we were there.  It is so big!  It's just too bad that a big part of it is out of reach for most people who are not great swimmers or who are not basketball player tall.  Another pool near our place is dirty!  So we didn't bother.  And the other one which has a slide was closed for a wedding I think.  Too bad, because we wanted to try it!  There is a lake too, btw!  But it is only available for kayak-ing.  You could also ride a boat to the Taal Volcano and go treking, if you're adventurous.  But some people said that it is more expensive inside.  So if you really want to, you could just go outside the resort because many are offering a cheaper boat ride to the volcano!

The staff are alright too, a little bit lenient when it comes to pool rules.  Does that sound good or bad to you?  I don't know!  But all in all, we loved our stay there!  If you have the time to stay there, I hope you do too!  :)

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