Saturday, April 6, 2013

Cukay's Mini Red Velvet Cupcakes

My hunt for the best red velvet cupcake continues!  Hurray!

Just a side story, I took my last exam for the sem today and it just feels so great.  I have been sleeping for less than 3 hours everyday this week.  And I haven't skated for three weeks!  My sem's not done yet because I still have to do a program.  How I wish it was a skating program and not a C program.  Anyway, I stopped by Trinoma to buy a book in Fullybooked which they don't have.  And then like destiny, *cue angels singing and bells ringing* I saw Cukay's in the mall!  Apparently, they have a stall there every other weekend.  Define lucky!  :))

The first time I tried Cukay's red velvet cupcakes was during a friends' birthday.  I wanted to buy from Cukay's after that but they're located in Eastwood and I don't really go there.  I'm so glad I went to Trinoma today.  Yay.

So far the red velvet cupcakes I've tried are from Frostings, Nikola's pastries (see my entry about these two here), and House of Sylvanas.  And I'm pretty sure Cukay's wins!

For the price, a box of 12 mini-cupcakes costs Php 180.00.  A single regular cupcake costs Php 60.00

If you haven't tried it yet, then I suggest you give them a call!  Or you could drop by Trinoma or Eastwood.  :)

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