Tuesday, December 25, 2012

First Skates

It's been long since I last published a figure skating related post here.  So before I babble on the things that happened to me regarding skating, let me first show you the photo of my first skates ever!

Okay, so they are not mine. They're my sister's actually.  Mine will arrive on Sunday but they're basically the same, except my feet are a half size bigger than hers!  Hahaha.  They're Jackson Mystique, not the best skates ever but enough for beginners like us.  They're actually a couple of thousand bucks cheaper than the same ones sold in in2skating in SM MOA.  It's because we bought them from a skating mom who goes to Hongkong to buy skating stuff that are way cheaper there.

Just to update you, we passed pre-alpha!!  Can you believe it?  Lol.  And my crossovers improved.  Yes we are still doing crossovers.  Our alpha sessions will start on Sunday and we already finished learning what's supposed to be taught there:  forward stroking, forward crossovers and snowplow stop.  Polishing them is the only problem now.  Oh wait, no.  We still have to break our skates in!  And that's supposed to be hard... I think?  But we're already here, there's no going back!!!

I just want to share to you guys how expensive skating is.  It is!!!!  It's like every week, I'm asking my parents for a large amount of money.  For skates, for ice time, for lessons, etc.  I feel guilty but I really can't imagine my life anymore without ice skating.  I know I only started, but I really really love this sport already.  And we're starting to make friends.  I also already love my coach too.  But then again, if it isn't expensive, then everyone might be doing it.  And I kinda love that figure skating is unique.  So yeah, love means sacrifice.  I'm going to have to save a lot when school days are back.  I know it's all gonna be worth it.  :)

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