Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Swensen's: My Holy Grail Ice Cream

A friend told me that Swensen's has the best ice cream in town, and since I'm a big ice cream fan, I just got to try it out!  And I still haven't found my holy grail ice cream so who knows, Swensen's may be it!

Since my sister and I didn't have enough money for two, we only bought their waffle sundae.  I was kind of  hesitant at first because I have a memory of eating the same thing in Pancake House and I didn't like it that much.  But I hoped this one would be more memorable, in a good way of course! So there, we ordered one waffle sundae.  :)
While waiting for our dessert to come, we admired the Swensen's interior.  I mean, look at these portraits.

No need for "Try me" signs, I'm pretty sure you'd want to just by looking at them.

And their glasses?  Ain't they cool?  I even asked one of the staff if they're for sale.  Sadly, not now.

Cozy, indeed!  And at last, our sundae had come!  And I'm pleased to tell you that I managed to take a picture of it before getting down to business.

The OC part in me wants to take the picture again because of that "line!"  :|
Anyway, it was so delicious.  Everything in that plate went well with one another. You can choose your own flavor of ice cream and they have a vast variety of flavors so you'll be sure to get one that's perfect for you.  We chose Macadamia, btw and we loved it.  The waffle was perfectly moist.  I have tried some dry ones and gladly, this one wasn't.  The waffle and ice cream were drizzled with chocolate fondue with just the right sweetness.  If we hadn't been full from dinner, we would have surely ordered another one!  But nonetheless, we're sure to come back there for more of their creations!  Such a lovely experience.  (:

You can find them in SM Mall of Asia and in Eastwood.

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