Thursday, November 15, 2012

Giving portrait shots a try

So this is what happened.  It's my brother's birthday and my cousin was there at our house when I came home.  And since I want to flaunt my new camera.... kidding!  I really want to take portrait shots but my sister doesn't want to model for me unless she's all fixed up.  And she's too lazy to do that.  But when I asked my cousin if I could take some pictures, she said yes in a heartbeat!  We were too excited that we didn't even bother to fix her up, so please bear with the nonexistent styling.  I also edited each photo differently.  I'm just trying things because I'm really really new at this.  I only manipulated the curves and exposure and nothing else, btw.  I wish I could find a great place near our place to shoot....  And some willing models too.  That would be awesome because I don't think this camera will ever reach UP, unless my parents buy me a car...  :))

(Feeling) Model:  Keigh Tejuco
(Feeling) Photographer:  Karen Tejuco
Camera:  Canon EOS 600D

Who knows, maybe in the future, you'll see our names without the (feeling) inserted there!

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