Sunday, December 16, 2012

Leslie's Restaurant Tagaytay

If you  have read my outfit post yesterday, then you'd know my family and I went to Tagaytay for my mom's birthday celebration dinner.  And if you're a frequent to Tagaytay like us, because we always pass there when going to our province Batangas, you'd surely have eaten at least once in Leslies.  If not, then read on!

Grilled Spareribs - Php 299.00

Before you read on, I just want to apologize for my badly taken photos.  My family still stares at me whenever I say I want to take photos of the food first.  I don't blame them though, being hungry and all.  But I feel pressured that I don't even get to see if I took a good photo before they dig in.  :(  I will resist their pouts and stares next time and try to take better photos, I promise!  :)

Going back to the food, whenever we eat and I see that there are ribs in the menu, I order them!  I'm in the quest of finding the perfect one for my taste.  This particular one from Leslie's would tickle Filipino taste buds the most.  It doesn't have that flavor that people who are used to Filipino food may find weird.  The first bites I had were hard, literally.  But as I devoured my share of the ribs, I couldn't stop myself.  The insides were soft and tender.  It was a little too sweet for me.  And honestly, I was looking for a kick of spice that I didn't get.  But I will surely order it again the next time we go there.

Crispy Pata - Php 550.00

Now, the classic crispy pata.  Honestly, I was disappointed.  The name suggests it had to be crispy so that's what you were inclined to expect every time you order this food.  But I couldn't even slice some parts of the skin, for being soggy.  And instead of the norms, they didn't cook the pata as a whole.  They cut it into parts before frying and instead of bringing out the flavor, I found it lost.  The skin should be crispy and the insides should be tender.  I'd give them a 50 score out of 100 for that factor.  The taste is nothing special.  Maybe I'm biased because my mom makes an even better crispy pata than this without much effort.  

Bulalo Special - Php 599.00

It's like an unwritten rule that you can't eat in Leslie's, or any Tagaytay restaurant for that matter, without ordering bulalo.  Did this disappoint?  Let's see.  The meat is not that tender.  The "brain" is gone.  I know it may be disgusting for some, but my family and I actually like that part.  The flavor is okay, but contrary to its name, it is nothing special.  I appreciated my mom's cooking more when I ate it.  And no, I wouldn't want to order it again.

Leche flan - Php 199.00

For that price, you'd think that this dessert will be relatively good.  I have an enormous sweet tooth so trust me when I say, after a few bites or two,  you wouldn't want another one of this again.  It's not cloying, but it's too thick.  It's extremely thick, and there are still bubbles visible.  We didn't even want to finish this if it weren't a waste.

The service is slow.  And there is a "band" going around singing to each table, who are practically asking for money.  They wouldn't leave your table unless you tip them, which I find very rude.

Do you know how it feels like you go back to a restaurant remembering how much you liked their food before and getting disappointed because it's not that way anymore.  THAT is how I felt like.  Though I suggest you go there during the day because of their spectacular view at the back!  So would I want to go back there again?  I don't know.  There are lots of other restaurants in Tagaytay we still haven't been able to try.  I'll get back to you on them.  Hope you enjoyed.  :)

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