Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Passion

I remember myself watching the Ice Princess on repeat.  At first, I thought it was just the movie that I like.  But then I started watching figure skating videos on youtube, and a part of me says that I have to try it for myself. But this was years before.  And I didn't have the guts to enroll in a beginner class until this year.  I didn't know why I suddenly had the urge to do so, but I'm glad I did.  And that blue notebook thing is my passport.  My passport number is 000365, so I assumed that I'm the 365th member of the Philippine Skating Union and wow.  But I don't wonder why there are only a few of us, this sport is so expensive!  My parents aren't really all out supportive when it comes to this, and that's saying something!  Anyway, this passport is where coaches write my standing on the sport.  Because apparently, you have to pass a test every time you want to jump into the next level.  As of now, I'm on pre-alpha, the very first level.  I only need to polish my one-foot glide which involves raising one foot while gliding, then I'll be ready for the test.  Because of school, my sister and I only get to go to our skating lessons once a week, which is a total bum.  If I could skate everyday, I would!  And I think we are going to need new skates.  We have been using rental skates since day one, and I'm pretty sure they'll give up on us anytime soon.  And they are so stinky.  My parents said they're going to buy us on my birthday, and I can't be more excited!

But there's one other thing on the picture, the Canon lens cover, or whatever you call it.  I'm new at this, okay? :))  If you read my description, I mentioned my love for photography there.  Loving something doesn't necessarily mean you're good at it, right?  Heck, I don't even consider myself an amateur photographer.  But I'm starting. :)  My dad bought me a Canon EOS 600D because my Canon S95 was, sadly, stolen from me.  And he knows I want to know more about this field, so my new DSLR enters the picture, hurray!  But since I'm so paranoid, I just can't take it anywhere I want to.  Unless, I'm with someone with a car who's gonna bring me to and from my home, which is nearly impossible.  (I live in Cavite and I don't have a boyfriend)  So mostly, I'm going to use this camera when I'm with my family.  Hopefully, I'll capture some ice adventures and show it to you guys!

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